Fathers Day…. Again

Okay, so.  Fathers Day is coming up. You all know how much I hate this day because my newsfeed is clogged with folks praising their Dads &  saying what wonderful men they are. You also know that mine was, well, NOT. It is what it is. I can’t do anything about who he is or how he chooses to live his life and I’ve pretty much moved on.


So every year I praise TWH & the wonderful husband & father he is. He really IS. I have said it so many times & so many ways & I feel I still haven’t accurately captured his Awesomeness.


I think this morning I may have it.


This morning my son made breakfast.  He made cinnamon rolls & bacon for me, myself, & Miss A.  I sat at the table & watched him putter around the kitchen. Stopping to wash his hands between steps just like TWH does & it hit me. He learned that from his Dad. Not from his Dad dragging him into the kitchen & having him sit there while he taught him how to make a meal but from TWH just DOING. All his life, TB has seen TWH cook meals & help with the housework.  Most recently, TB has seen TWH pick up ALL the slack while I’ve been recuperating from my surgery.  He has seen TWH be as patient and kind as a person can be while doing ALL the things.  And he has learned.


This morning my son made breakfast.  He cooked. He plated everything. He brought it all to the table for me & he cleaned up afterward.  He then brought my coffee to the living room so I could drink it while watching TV & playing on my laptop.  He did this with no complaint & with all the kindness & patience TWH has always shown.


THAT is the highest praise I can offer TWH this Fathers Day. I saw him in our son this morning. I saw him reflected in every movement TB made as he moved around our kitchen. I saw our son do what he’s seen his Dad do a thousand times in his lifetime.


I saw him and I smiled. My heart was full and I knew that one day these things would be emulated in his home, with his spouse.


And I was so VERY proud.