If anyone needs me…

Okay, so. We are having some work done to our house. Today we are having all new windows installed.




In South Louisiana.


Because we OBVIOUSLY thought this through.


Anyway, there are contractors walking in & out of my house. The air conditioning is running non-stop (because, yes indeed, we ARE air-conditioning the ENTIRE neighborhood today, thankyouverymuch), and I desperately have to pee but I’m afraid to leave the dining room table because I have absolutely no idea where the strange men are in my house and there are giant, gaping holes in my walls, and one of those holes may or may not be in our master bathroom.


Yes, we have another bathroom but it is the domain of a teenage boy. Need I say more?? Really??


So… If anyone needs me, I can probably be found hiding under the dining room table in a blanket fort. You’re welcome to come in but you’d better bring an adult beverage. For yourself, of course because I’m not sharing mine. I NEED that shit y’all.


Ooooohhh!!! Some pastries wouldn’t hurt either.