Bright Lights in the Darkness

The bright lights in the darkness on The Day the Earth Stood Still were the people who stood beside me.

The EMT who called me every time there was a change and asked for a follow up phone call later.

The stranger who stopped who called again to ask if I’d heard anything because he was “worried to death”.

My family and friends whose constant calls, texts, and messages kept me sane and whole.

The Queendom who responded with overwhelming love, support, and offers of help.

My fellow Bloggers and Twitter addicts. I’ve never met any of these folks in real life but they were there for the whole thing.

People who passed along my FB posts and tweets asking for prayers for my little girl.

People from high school, whom I haven’t seen in YEARS, who offered words of sympathy and support.


Anyone who “liked”, commented, texted, called, messaged, and “shared”. Anyone who did ANYTHING.


You were all the bright lights in the darkness.


And I am so very grateful.


  1. omg omg omg i’m behing in my blog reading…and now i’m panicking.

    1. ginbaby says:

      No cause for panic. I only made you cry. Lol!! Glad to see you over here!!

  2. JulieU says:

    You are loved.

    1. ginbaby says:

      We are. We are also so very, VERY lucky to have such caring, amazing people to call friends.

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