Sorry About My Tits

Okay, so. A week or so some guy walks into the shop and takes a seat. I’d never seen him before but several old-school barber shops have closed recently (we’re a dying breed) so that wasn’t anything out of the ordinary.


I finish with my client, turn to the guy and ask him if he’s ready to get a haircut. He responds with “I’m waiting for the guy”. and indicates T. No biggie, I figured he’d been in the shop before when I’d been out and he’s had T cut his hair before.


That was not the case. The guy sits in T’s chair and proceeds to tell him “Yeah. I’m new here and I’ve always had a man cut my hair so I wanted to wait for you.”


Ummmmmmm…… Excuse me, Fucker??


So, lemme get this straight. You chose T over not just me but the other woman who works in the shop because we have TITS!?!?


Do my mammary glands and vagina somehow make me less capable than my male counterpart??


Or are you just somehow intimidated by an intelligent, confident woman who’s able to hold her own in a male dominated profession??


I’m guessing the latter. And since that was most likely the case, you decided to try and “humiliate” me by announcing loudly that you were waiting for “The Guy”??


Slow. Golf. Clap. For. You.


You misogynistic asswipe.


To his credit, T told him that any one of us could have cut his hair.


Sadly, now only one of us actually WANTS to.


Well, only one of us wants to give him a DECENT haircut anyway.


I’d love nothing better than to give him a reverse mohawk so he can look like the jackass he actually is.


Life is hard. It’s even harder if you’re a dick.



  1. hah. your tits are intimidating.

    1. ginbaby says:


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