My Rock Star Life

Okay, so. I have been a Mom since shortly after I turned 21. At this point in my life, HALF of it has been spent raising other people.


Which obviously limited my free time.


There were very few clubs. There were no spontaneous road trips. Dating was… Different.


I was out a few months ago with my friend Stacey O and her Darlin’ One when she said to me “You know, when we first met at soccer, you used to talk about all the stuff you wanted to do and all the places you wanted to go and look at you now!! You have a Rock Star life!!”.


This weekend I was invited to attend a Mardi Gras Bal. Some of my friends were Royalty and I was really excited to go and see them have their Moment.  TWH & I walked into the hall where the ball was being held and had no seating assignment. The sweet little teen girl was leading us to our seats aaaaalllll the way in the corner when I spotted my friend Joseph, who was/is the Duke of Fun for this Mardi Gras season. When he heard of our plight his first response was “NO!!”. He had two spare seats at his table we were more than welcome to.


We found our seats and a few more friends and were agog at all the “swag” that made up our place settings. Joseph left no detail unnoticed. No one did. All the tables were impeccable.


We ate, drank, chatted, caught beads, drank some more, danced, congratulated our friends, danced some more and by 1AM, we were showered and in bed watching a movie and eating snack food.


Because we know how to party.


And in 3 weeks we’ll do it all again because I was invited to ride in Orpheus which is the big Lundi Gras (Monday) parade.


In the 10 years since I first met Stacey O and shared my dreams on the sidelines of a soccer field my life has changed dramatically. Some was good, some was not so good, and some is beyond what I ever imagined it would be.


I just might have a Rock Star life.


The best part is the Rock Star FRIENDS I get to share it with.


THEY truly are the VERY BEST PART.


  1. JulieU says:

    … and then there is March!

    1. ginbaby says:

      We’re actually not doing the Parade this year. We decided to take a break and are looking at something else instead.

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